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Biochemistry and Molecular Biology-Zhejiang University-University of Edinburgh Institute (Haining International Campus)


Entry Requirements

1. General Requirements

Applicants must be non-Chinese citizens with proper moral conduct, in good health with no infectious disease or any physical or mental diseases that may affect the normal study, and be under the age of 40 (Age limit is flexible for healthy applicants with certain work experience and high academic ability). Applicants must be valid foreign passport holders and Master’s degree holders (Applicant who provide pre-graduation certificate or student status certificate at application MUST provide Master’s degree diploma prior to registration .)

2. Requirements on nationality

2.1 Applicant who has given up their original Chinese citizenship (including residents in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) and become foreign citizens shall provide the documents certifying the cancellation of Chinese nationality, according to the policy of Ministry of Education of the PRC.

2.2 If the applicant has acquired foreign citizenship automatically at the time of birth in a foreign country, whose parents were both Chinese citizens, or one of the parents was a Chinese citizen, parent’s (with Chinese citizenship) permanent resident in foreign country should be obtained prior to the birth of the applicant.

3.Language proficiency requirements:

For Programs taught in English
International applicants who apply for English-taught graduate programs must provide certificates to prove their English language proficiency meets the minimum requirement for admission, which
are listed as below:

a) Applicants whose native language is English are exempt from providing English Proficiency Certificates.
Native English speaking countries recognized by ZJU include:
American Samoa, Australia, Bahamas, Barbados, Belize,Botswana, Canada, Fiji, Gibraltar, Ghana, Guyana, Ireland, Jamaica, Kenya, Lesotho, Liberia, New Zealand, Nigeria, Papua New Guinea, Singapore, Solomon Islands,South Africa, The Gambia, Tonga, United Kingdom (including Northern Ireland), United States of
America, Zambia, Zimbabwe.

b) Applicants whose native language is not English must provide English Language Test Result within validity period or Certificate of Instruction in English issued by previous institutions or other proof which can reflect the applicants’ English proficiency.

English Language Tests

Certificate of Instruction in English: Applicants who have earned a degree from accredited college or university whose language of instruction was English, must provide Certificate of Instruction in English issued by previous institution.

Note: Applicants who apply for exemption from submiting language test scores must upload relevant documents to the Language Proficiency Certificate Section of ZJU Online Application System.

Basic Information

·Starting Date : Sep 15 , 2024
·Duration: 4 Years
Teaching Language : English
Application Deadline: Feb 28 , 2024
Tuition : RMB 42,800 Per Year
Application Fee: USD 164 ( (Check Policy)
Service Fee: USD 219 (Check Policy)
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